How a standing desk can kickstart good habits

A practice is an activity or series of actions that we carry out in a subconscious manner. We don’t have to consciously think of doing these things, they seem to happen on their own. Routines can be good or bad, depending upon how they enhance our quality of life, or detract from it. This post is How a standing desk can kickstart good habits.

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Have you ever driven or rode to work then had no recollection of the ride? Or have you taken the incorrect exit off a highway since it’s the one you often take, when actually you had meant to keep on to an additional exit? Our minds come to be toned up to doing things in a certain order, just because we have actually done them over and over again a precise way. This can be a good idea, as it makes much of our everyday living rather easy. Visualize needing to focus intently on everything you did, like washing recipes or securing the garbage. Sounds fatiguing right?

Nonetheless, negative actions can likewise end up being behaviors, and that makes them very hard to change. Recollect on the amount of times have you attempted to adopt a physical exercise program, quit smoking, lose weight, or give up junk food? It takes in between 21-30 days to form a brand-new habit. This implies you should do your brand-new activities repeatedly, day after day, for approximately 30 days before your subconscious mind will certainly start to do them instantly. After that it takes regular effort and emphasis.

When attempting to embrace a brand-new practice, such as physical exercise, you might have to position visible suggestions at your desk, on the fridge door, or the restroom mirror. Remember that your mind is used to not thinking of physical exercise. It will take some targeted interest to alter that.

It is essential to have perseverance with on your own as you work with transforming your habits. Don’t forget that they are behaviors due to the fact that they are mainly subconscious. As you focus your mind repeatedly on your brand-new actions, they will additionally become subconscious, just like the unfavorable actions did. Print out a helpful Habit Forming Chart and hang it up where you will see it everyday. It can function as a wonderful reminder for your objectives, along with reveal your development from day to day.

How will this work with a standing desk?  Here’s a step by step guide:

Get a standing desk.  Whether you want to use a conversion kit or a brand new desk the choice is yours.  My top ten choices in each standing desk category be found here

Now the we have a desk, let’s create some positive habits:

  • First: Create a habit forming chart and place it on the back of your office door.   When you walk into the office each morning it will remind you of the healthy commitments you are going to make today. (beyond standing desks of course, get creative)
  • Second: Set a small of goal of standing at your desk for X% of the day.  Start with a modest goal and increase it as you become better at standing for longer periods of time.  See Habit chart for Daily checklist
  • Third: Use this “keystone habit” of standing at your desk to other positive work habits.  As Charles Duhigg mentions in his book “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business” “Start keystone habits and avalanche that success into other parts of your life”

Use the positive vibes of the keystone habit to positively impact your entire working Attitude and motivation.

Do not beat yourself up if you have “failures” here and there as you work with forming new habits. No one is the best, and you will probably have days where you don’t satisfy your goals. The hardest element of forming new habits is becoming aware of the automatic activities we take daily, and making an active choice to alter them.

Any good habits forming as you read?  Let us know in the comments

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