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In the fast paced world that we live in it can be simple to overlook our health and wellness. We’re so active competing via our everyday lives– family, friends, job, social involvements– that we don’t make the effort to take care of ourselves. It’s really not surprising that a number of us are tired and diminished. Just what are some basic things that we can do to improve our quality of life?

DRink lots of waterDrink Drink Drink
You’ve heard it a million times and you’ll probably hear it a million times again — drink a lot more water!

Think of it: The body is 72% water. A 5% drop in fluids produces a 25-30% loss in energy. A 15% drop in liquids causes death! At this moment 66% of us aren’t consuming enough water, so over half the population isn’t working on all six cylinders.

The FIX: It’s not really a tough thing to fix. Simply consume one glass of water every half hour– or 10-12 glasses of water every day– and you’ll notice a big difference.

Living Food– Loving Life!
An unfamiliar reality is that warming food above 116 °F destroys the nutrient content. Thinking about that we currently aren’t eating enough veggies, that’s a fairly substantial issue. Nutritionists suggest 5 offers of fresh vegetables each day. How many of us are actually taking that suggestions?

A terrific method to get the nutrients located in fresh veggies without spending all day at the oven or eating raw celery sticks is to juice your veggies. Ensure that you have a great juicer (some juicers subject veggies to warmth created by rubbing during juicing, which breaks down essential enzymes), get some fresh veggies and drink your means to healthiness. It takes a fraction of a second (there’s no food preparation involved, for something) and it’s handy. You could take your juice to work or even provide some to the little ones for school lunches!

TIP: Wheatgrassis a superb source of nutrition. It’s higher in chlorophyll (in some cases called ‘plant blood’ due to the fact that it very closely looks like human red blood cell particles) and has more than 100 components that the body requires. Fresh grains are another superb source for vitamins and minerals.

Energy In– Energy Out
Physical exercise is another dirty word for most of us. The thing is, exercise does not have to be unbelievably time consuming or mind-numbingly uninteresting. There are a lot of options.

Years ago health clubs typically offered weight rooms, aerobics classes and perhaps a tydro-circuit. Now you could include water aerobics, yoga, pilates, dance-ercise, step classes and an entire array of new workout choices.
Standing Desks WAlking for Exercise
If you don’t actually have the moment or cash for the fitness center, or time to invest your mornings/nights in the home, then try an exercise bike or a walker. I ‘d be lost without my exercise bike– I place it up in front of the television and walk away happily throughout my favorite shows.

TIP: As soon as you’re physically unfit, and especially if you’re additionally ill, it can be a huge struggle to simply do the small amount of workout in a day. An great way to get back into a physical routine is to start slowly. Extremely gradual, it might seem. For the first number of weeks, walk/ride for 5 minutes daily– precisely 5 minutes, say goodbye, even if you assume you might continue. When the 2 weeks are up, boost to 7 mins, then 10 minutes, 12 mins … continue to gradually increase your activity until you’re comfortable.

It could sound a little silly, but it works. Basically, you fool your physical body into generating additional energy. You’re building your workout time up so slowly that your body doesn’t truly recognize what’s occurring. Follow this technique and, before you know it, you’ll be easily exercising within your limits daily.

Now, GO DO!
So, people, that’s the essentials. If you can reorganize your life a little to allow better eating habits and a little physical exercise, and if you keep in mind to merely consume a glass of water every half hour approximately, you’ll be well en route to living a healthy and balanced life.
Drinking lots of water for fitness
One last note, don’t forget to take some quiet time. Meditating is a superb method to reduce stress. Check out my article on Yoga…. You don’t have to rest around for hrs, simply offer yourself 5 minutes of peaceful time every day– even in the office, if that’s the only spot where you can — and have a little “me” time.

And, but not least, laugh! As a matter of fact, laugh like a loon– the louder the better! You’ll be surprised at how much such a simple thing could lift your spirits! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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