The Scary Stuff: Is it too late to replace your chair?

Sitting Disease standing desksThe onslaught of the sitting disease (it sounds bad because frankly, it is) is taking hold of every white collar worker in the world.  You go into work, sit at your desk and slave away, but  you don’t actually do any physical activity.  This has to change. A recent article on has two very scary statistics:

#1: Sitting for less than three hours a day could increase life expectancy by several years

#2: In 2011, researchers in Australia found that people who spent 10 years in sedentary work — activities that require very limited energy expenditure — were twice as likely to contract distal colon cancer and had a 44 percent increased risk of rectal cancer than those who had never held sedentary jobs.

It is a fact that standing or even better, walking on a treadmill while performing your duties at work (or home) will increase you life expectancy and your well being. There are many different options when looking for the best standing desks. You can replace you entire desk with a nice adjustable standing desk; you can buy a conversion kit; or make your own.

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