Yes there are $20 Standing Desks!

By now, you must have heard about how sitting is not only bad for your back, but also your entire body.

While most of us are aware of the potential health risks and injuries that can be caused by traditional desks, some choose to simply ignore the new studies and information. Others, however, have been making the switch to cheap standing desks, and their stories of the increase in energy and brain function are abundant online.

If you are like the many other people that have considered a standing desk, but are not ready to pay top price for a three-hundred- dollar rig, there are some cheap (and maybe even free) options to try out before fully making the switch.

While, really, the possibilities are endless, here are three cheap and common ways to construct a temporary standing desk for your workspace.


You can use a shipping box as a cheap (and face it: ugly) starter desk to try out the concept.

A better option is to find any properly sized furniture (IKEA lack table) and throw it up on top of your desk.

If you’re the weekend DIY type then gather some simple tools and materials and build your own wooden stand for your monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Remember, for proper ergonomics, ideally you’ll want to measure from your feet to your elbows would rest naturally on a stand.  Check out our ergonomics guide here.

What we recommend

If you are in the market to simply purchase a cheaper model as a test run, then you have two popular choices to choose from.


The cheapest recommended option is the $20 SPARK, which is more compact and has an almost ‘origami’ feel to the design, perfect for anyone looking for a cheap yet sturdy first standing desk.


For a sleeker design with a wider range of heights catered to, the $40 ORISTAND is extremely light and portable, making it easier than ever to convert any ordinary desk into a standing desk. The ORISTAND standing desk converter requires no screws, no assembly, and no additional instructions.

While made of industrial strength cardboard, and a wonderful trial for standing desks in general, the SPARK and ORISTAND are still not made of the most stable materials available. They are still completely viable options.  The benefits such as more energy, better circulation, weight loss and greatly improved posture, speak for themselves.

I do think once you feel and see some of the benefits of standing you’ll want to keep standing.   It’s best then to consider investing in a better workspace.  Standing desks last a long time and considering that, the cost per use will be very low and worthwhile.  Check out our recommendations for the best standing desk converters for any budget. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.