What is the Optimal Standing Desk Height? Let me help!

Move around your office with a standing desk to stay healthy

The optimal standing desk height is different for everyone. You want a desk that will encourage proper ergonomics and keep you from straining your neck, shoulders and back.

It is sometimes very difficult to locate this height, but I’m here to help. Before you check out our list of the BEST Standing Desks, read this whole page for tips on how to properly utilize a standing desk.

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The 1..2..3..4 steps of measuring the perfect height for your desk.

  1. Stand straight up
  2. Let your arms hang straight down
  3. Bring your hands up, so your elbow is bent at a 90 degree angle   (like your typing on a keyboard)
  4. Have someone measure the distance between your elbow and the ground.

“TADA” -> that’s the perfect height for your Stand desk.


Whether you buy or build one, make sure the top of the table matches the measurement.

This ensures that the desk will be proportional to your body.

Ideal Standing Desk Height

A standing desk is a desk planned for reading or writing while standing up or while sitting on a high stool. However, it is important for you to determine the correct height of your standing desk so as to maintain the best posture possible.

Also, determining the correct height of your standing desk will help you to avoid from straining your back which may lead to backache if the straining takes a long period of time. Therefore, ensure you choose the correct height for you in order to maintain the best posture and to avoid straining the back. Also, an optimal height avoids you from straining up or down to reach the desk.

Standing Desks with Slopes or Angles

Notably, if you order a desk with a sloped desktop, it is very important to remember that you have a 4’’ slope from the front lip to the back ledge. Therefore, your working area will be 2’’ higher than that you had ordered since the measurement is done on the front lip. If you order a desk 44’’ high, the front lip will measure 44’’, the center will be 46’’ and the rear ledge will be 48’’.

Preparing for a Standing Desk

Notably, many people are not capable of standing for a long period of time. Therefore, if you are such kind of person, it is advisable you start teaching yourself on how to do certain work task while standing until you get used to it for long periods.

For example, you can read articles or reports at work while standing and also receive calls while standing. In addition, make sure you take standing breaks during the meeting that also help you to stay focused on the meeting. However, this practice will lead you to gaining experience of standing for a longer time than before.

Therefore, make sure your standing desk is at the correct height in order to eliminate any stress on your body. For instance, if you set this desk in a position such that your arms are resting comfortably, then you will be able to type a keyboard very easy and fast since your shoulders will be hanging naturally and there will be no straining of your body. On the other hand, make sure the monitor is at your eye level so as to avoid tilting the neck up or down while working.

Standing Desk Benefits

Doing some work while standing is very healthy and that is why it is advisable for you to have this standing desk in order to avoid getting some dangerous diseases such as obesity. This disease is most common to those people who do their work while seated because their body is switched off from doing anything with consumed sugars, fat and salt. However, make sure you do most of your work while standing in order to avoid getting this dangerous disease.

Standing Desks Monitor HeightOptimal Standing Desk Height

[stextbox id=”alert”]To achieve the optimal monitor height you should place the top of the screen at your eye level so you have to look “down” at the screen slightly from your position. The screen should be 20-28 inches from your eyes as depicted in the diagram below.[/stextbox]

Also, working while standing up might have benefit to your eyes because you are constantly taking micro brakes when you move around and look at different things.
However, your eyes will not be staring at the monitor for a long period of time since you will be looking at different things while you move around hence changing focus from near to far and back again. Notably, this changing of focus of your eye is very crucial because it exercises the eye muscle.

[stextbox id=”warning” defcaption=”true” collapsing=”true” shadow=”false”]As we all know…. if you want to burn more calories, make sure you work while standing up since you can burn fifty calories within one hour because the heart will beat at an average of 10 beats faster per minute than when seated. Therefore, the more you stand, the more calories you lose which leads to a healthier life.[/stextbox]

Standing Desks Accessories

Ergonomic Chair: You do need to sit down at times.

Comfortable Shoes: This is critical.  Wear your most comfortable shoes.

Standing Desk Mat: Even with comfortable shoes, an anti-fatigue mat will help take some of the strain off your knees and back which will lead to being able to stand longer.  The mats come in a variety of different materials which may include vinyl, PVC, rubber, closed-cell foam, and polypropylene.

Here’s two of our favorites based on appropriate size, beveled edges, and thickness for workstation standing:

Exercise Equipment: Who says you only have to stand?  From treadmills, to bicycles, to elliptical trainers, there are so many choices now that let you reap all the benefits of mobility at your workstation.


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