The Best Standing Desk Mat: Topo Mat Review

A good “anti-fatigue” mat is an essential part of any healthy standing desk ergonomic configuration.  Yes we’ve covered a few standing desk mats before, explained what to look for, and made a verdict.  However, it was before we tried this one so we’ll present you with our Topo mat review.

The Topo Mat Review Top View | Best Standing Desks

Ergodriven’s Topo Standing Desk Mat is part anti-fatigue mat and part mini-gym for your feet.  You typically buy an anti-fatigue mat as part of proper ergonomics to avoid foot and lower back pain while standing, and well, fatigue.  Why not spring for something that has unique standing desk benefits and can do more, for just as much as you would spend on a premium mat designed for standing desks?

Ergodriven, an ergonomics company based out of San Francisco,  is on a mission to eliminate flat surfaces, which is why they created a unique mat designed specifically for standing desks.

Topo Standing Desk Mat Blue Side View

Key benefits for standing desks users:

  • Unique ergonomic shapes that subconsciously encourage you to move
  • Comfortable, soft and polyurethane surface feels good for hours

With this mat, movement is natural and thought free

Topo Standing Desk Mat In Use

The first thing you’ll notice about Topo is its bumps and lumps. They may look a little strange, but I can assure you they’re not a manufacturing defect.

Topo is designed with “calculated terrain” to subconsciously encourage you to move. Some studies suggest that, while still better than sitting, standing for long periods of time on flat surfaces comes with its own set of potential problems.  Topo aims to eliminate those problems.

Both my wife and I agreed that the sessions at our standing desks felt improved and upgraded with the Topo.  The mat’s odd shapes actually encouraged us to move around and we often find ourselves stretching our calves and ankles.

Topo Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat In Use

Topo doesn’t force you to move like a treadmill desk—it makes you subconsciously want to move. I think this distinction is one of the main reasons for the mat’s success—it doesn’t feel like work. You get the benefit of movement without any conscious thought.

Comfortable surface, especially for shoe-less standers

While Topo can be used with shoes, socks, or bare feet; but I suggest you take the shoes off, that’s where the mat really shines and you can expect the best experience.

Topo Standing Desk Mat Blue

The mat’s polyurethane surface feels great and somehow keeps cool even during periods of long use. It’s also got just enough cushion to be comfortable while still maintaining a solid surface. 

If I had to rack my brain to find a shortcoming about this product — I’d say that because of its size, the mat can be difficult to move, which might be an issue if you have an adjustable standing desk and like to switch between sitting and standing often. Ergodriven designed the mat so that you can move it with just your foot (if you’re not on carpet), but the mat is still large enough that moving it aside requires the space to store it. On the upside, this might encourage you to just stand more, which isn’t really a bad thing by any means.

Also, because of the mat’s odd lumps and shapes, there’s a small chance of it becoming a tripping hazard (ask me how know this). Not a major issue once you know it’s there, but something to consider, because I don’t think tripping into your monitor is the type of movement Ergodriven envisioned.

Final verdict

Yes, standing is way better than sitting.  But you do get the most benefit from using a standing desk when you’re actively stretching and moving around.  The Topo anti-fatigue mat separates itself from other standing desk mats with its unique calculated terrain. The shapes really do subconsciously encourage you to move around, making long standing sessions much more active, comfortable, and the surface feels better than any other mats I’ve tried.  

All things considered, Topo is unquestionably the most unique standing desk mat out there.  Seriously, get one now.

Topo Standing Desk Mat by Ergodriven Front View

Product Info & Specs:

Colors: Black, Grey, Blue, Purple, Green
Dimensions: 25.5″ x 28″
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