The Steppie Balance Board Is A Step Above Standing

Standing desks have gone from weird to commonplace in the offices around the globe.  But while simply avoiding the chair brings on a long list of benefits to the human body and brain, some say that standing still is not enough to maximize the benefits on a standing desk.  Movement is key and the next evolution in the standing culture may just be balance boards.

A balance board is a standing desk accessory that’s basically a platform which aims to promote all benefits of movement while remaining in place.

Enter The Steppie

steppie balance board

The Steppie balance board is an accessory to compliment your standing desk.  I was sent one from Victor Technology and I was excited to give this concept a try.

It has a simple design.  It seems to be made of a strong grey & dark grey plastic and doesn’t stand out — and I like that it’s not distracting.  The shades of grey blend in with the rest of my workstation.

Using it is simple: you put it on the floor, and then you put one foot down on it.  Acting like the lever that it is, the Steppie will lean to one side.  Then you put your other foot on it, and you’re up and balancing.  I tried various different stances until I found the foot positioning that felt the most comfortable.

The Steppie rocks side-to-side allowing you to easily shift weight from one side of your body to the other.  This subtle movement at your hips and knees can be used to reduce stress on your joints, or you can alternate legs at a faster pace to maximize muscle activity and increased circulation to get a metabolism boost going.   Although you’re not going to break a sweat like you would on a treadmill desk, The Steppie is smaller and much more reasonable in price.

steppie balance board

My first few days on The Steppie felt a little awkward at first.  After spending some time on it, I felt less fatigue at my hips and knees because I was able to shift my weight and get a slight stretch whenever I needed to.  I also felt more alert and I seemed to be standing with better posture.  Best of all, it’s fun and much less boring than standing still.

One observation: Standing on a balance board raises you up approximately 2 inches off the ground, which may require an adjustment to the height of your standing desk.  My VARIDESK was maxed out but I’m also very tall.


Using The Steppie is definitely “a step” above both sitting and standing still, and I feel like it had no negative effect on my typing or focus.  At $99 the price is a fantastic value for something that has the potential to maximize the health benefits of working at your standing desk. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.