Don’t sit, stand at your desk!

mf-standing-deskb_fHave you heard of the latest; sitting at your desk is shortening your life? That is the gossip I have been hearing today. But there seems to be a simple solution and I am willing to share it.

If you sit at a desk everyday, or at least Monday through Friday, you might want to consider the newest trend to stand at your desk. Think about your work day and the time you spend sitting at your desk. You might come up with roughly 80% of your time. In that time you are becoming more at risk with your health from developing diabetes, blood clots and even increasing your chances of a heart attack.

So let’s get back to the simple solution, being healthier. Wait, this is not a health article it is a straightforward article to be more ergonomic and the plus side just happens to be that it benefits your health. Now think about this, would you like to be more focused, have a better mood, and increase your productivity all while burning calories and increasing your life?

If you answer no to this statement, stop reading now. If you said yes, consider transforming your everyday sit down desk into a standing desk.

Find the right fit
Now of course companies have come to light on the trend of standing desks and it could be as simple as finding one you like and purchasing it. Or maybe you have more of the DIY personality and want to create your own. Either way anyone or everyone should be doing this. Below are some of my suggestions for buying a standing desk. You’re welcome for helping you become a healthier and more ergonomic human being.

The already made and ready to order standing desks.

  1. Adjustable height desk
  2. Mobile workstations
  3. Treadmill Desks
  4. Conversion Kits (for you DIY’ers)

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