Standing Desk for your Laptop

Greetings! Wanted to share with you today my newest addiction with standing desks; solution for your laptop! My needs specifically were that I need something small, easy to set up and adjustable! I found all of that for a great price!


The Regency Economy Adjustable Laptop Stand has it all. I read the few reviews that were written about it. There was one negative review that didn’t shake me from purchasing it. It had to do with the nob that adjusts the desk. I have had no problems whatsoever with the nob – I mean I guess if you were so flustered and wanted to rip off the nob you possibly could, but anyways!

Another great benefit about the Regency Economy it is light weight and easy to move around. Around the office we had to implement a sign up sheet because the requests to use it during presentations and meetings just kept growing.

If you are in the market for something easy to use, adjustable and perfect for the size of the laptop, check it out! Of course, here are some other options if needed, adjustable height desks. If you have a favorite leave a comment and let me know!