Switching to a Standing Desk at Work

I have been talking with a fellow office cube monkey about my transformation to a standing desk and how I have essentially rallied behind this healthier way of working.  She asked me how in the world my boss would be on board with this idea. I hadn’t thought of this but I had no resistance from my boss. Thank you boss, I like you.

Have you wanted to transform your office space at work to a standing desk? Nervous to discuss the topic with your boss? Here is my tip:

Yell at your boss:  “I don’t want the sitting disease!”

I am only kidding. Lead with the productivity, healthier work day and ergonomics of the standing desk.

Adjustable Height Desks and Conversion Kits are perfect for your office work space, and the bonus is the latter is very practical and affordable.

So how do you get the ball rolling? Have the conversation with your boss. Do some research. Use the words, sitting disease. Show them the handout below.  Please know I am here for you.

Below is some very handy information by Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
Sitting Disease by the Numbers

Give me a DIY stand up desk!

desk1The simplest and easiest way to start standing at your desk today is stack something on your current desk, anything from a sturdy end table to crates or books.  Don’t want to go to any work of finding something to stack? Have no fear, go pull out your ironing board and place your computer on it. Boom. A DIY standing desk is what you just created.

Of course the list could be endless but I will leave you with a few more DIY standing desk ideas. You could use a pub table of any kind, a dresser that you may not be using or a bookcase that is the appropriate height you need.

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