My Standing Desk: DIY Home Office Space

current desk finishedSo I myself am debating on what standing desk to purchase for my home. I would love to buy the practical office space with an Adjustable Height Desk (and am very pleased with the current one I am using at work) and I love the Treadmill Desks for a home standing desk because who wouldn’t want to be killing two birds with one stone? Or do you just go for the conversion kits? Ah…so in the mean time during my deliberations …


DIY Stand Up Desk

current deskThis process can be very fun when you turn your search into a scavenger hunt for building the perfect DIY stand up desk. There were multiple items in my house that I had considered using on top of my current L shaped desk. The first item I considered was a basic square end table, but that thought quickly left when I discovered it would not be at a comfortable height for myself. The second item I considered was using some old suitcases I have (which are currently being used as a night stand in my guest room) which I could adjust the height, but then I questioned the sturdiness of them. The third item I considered was the big ticket! A single shelf with three compartments that use to hang above my entertainment center. It was just sitting in my guest room collecting dust.


Simple Process

current desk with shelfI don’t want anyone to have doubts on how simple this process is, so I will give you very clear, step by step instructions. I cleared off my desk, pledged it down, picked up the shelf, placed shelf on desk, placed items back on desk, waved my magic wand, said abracadabra and vuala I had my home office space transformed into a standing desk.

Give me a DIY stand up desk!

desk1The simplest and easiest way to start standing at your desk today is stack something on your current desk, anything from a sturdy end table to crates or books.  Don’t want to go to any work of finding something to stack? Have no fear, go pull out your ironing board and place your computer on it. Boom. A DIY standing desk is what you just created.

Of course the list could be endless but I will leave you with a few more DIY standing desk ideas. You could use a pub table of any kind, a dresser that you may not be using or a bookcase that is the appropriate height you need.

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