Standing Desk for your Home Office = Productivity

Do you find yourself leaving your day job to go home and sit in front of your personal computer? I mean let’s get real. I do. I feel like my social media sites are calling me to check on them. Then hours go by and I realize I have been parked in front of my computer screen all while sitting on my ______, you can fill in the blank!

Be Productive

[GARD align=”right”]It comes down to productivity of the standing desk yet again. If you transform your home office space to allow you to stand at your desk you will still check those social media sites and whatever else you need to do, but you will not spend the same amount of time doing it. Seriously. I am testing this method. Trust me.

As in my recent posts ideas can be endless on how to transform your space by either purchasing a standing desk that fits you and your style or DIY to save on some change.

Adjustable Height Desks

Let’s talk about my love for the Adjustable Height Desks. Not only are they ideal for a standing desk option, they are so efficient in style that the space you will save in your home office is incredible! Another great factor is they are very cost effective. Check em out!

Treadmill Desks

Now when I am thinking about a home office space and see the Treadmill Desks not only am I thinking I could possibly become the next superwoman, I am thinking this takes productivity to a whole new level. If you can combine your 20 min. run with checking your computer at home you can thank me for the free time that you will be gaining.

Let me know what you think!

Have you ordered your new home standing office desk? Or will you be converting your current home office desk to a standing desk?

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