Best Standing Desk Converters

You don’t have to purchase an entirely new adjustable height table or treadmill desk to take advantage of the health, fitness and mental benefits of standing at your desk.

What mental benefits, you say?  Ever struggled with a problem or tried to remember something only to have the answer come to you as soon after you stood up and walked away?

What turned me on to standing desks was the mental clarity and the improvement in problem solving ability I seemed to have while up and about compared to sitting at a desk. New and creative ideas and solutions for both work and life issues seem to become clearer when I’m outside, at the gym, or standing in the shower.  Ironically, this is the mental state we desire to be in most when we are at our work desk.

Mental benefits are only the beginning: simply sitting less contributes to higher overall daily calorie expenditure and fights off hormones attributed to belly fat.

While there are plenty of amazing electronic adjustable height desks available now, they can be expensive and require you to replace existing furniture.  That’s where an adjustable desktop standing desk converter will come in to save the day.

The Difference

Adjustable height tables replace your current desk, while a standing desk converter kit will get you the best value for your money by simply being placed (or attached) to the top of your existing desk to get you standing up and reaping the benefits immediately.   You can use your current computer set up with this simple to install desktop standing converter.  Below are our favorites and the best in the category.

Convert Desk to Standing with Desktop Standing Desk Converters

FlexiSpot M Series Standing Desk Risers


Our top pick for 2017 is from FlexiSpot.  Attention to detail and quality in every aspect makes this one of the best values in the standing desk market.  Gas struts offer smooth and easy adjustment to 12 height settings and the keyboard tray is removable if you wish to use this as a laptop stand.  Models come in two colors (black & white) and four sizes:

FlexiSpot M1 – 27″
FlexiSpot M2 – 35″
FlexiSpot M3 – 47″
FlexiSpot M4 – Corner 41″

Check out our in-depth review of the 27″ M1W here.

Ergotron Workfit-T

The Ergotron Workfit-T is a beautiful, rock solid, yet easily adjustable premium standing desk solution from a world-renown monitor mount company.   By easily activating two levers on each side, the work surface and keyboard tray glide straight up or down and lock at various heights quietly and with very minimal effort thanks to a massive spring-assisted mechanism.

There’s no assembly required — It’s ready to use right out of the box.

Check out our in-depth review here.

VARIDESK Pro Plus 36


The VARIDESK has several standing desk converter kits that can elevate just your montior(s) or both your monitor(s) and keyboard.  The Pro Plus 36 is our favorite balance of features that offers you working space in addition to your input devices.


Varidesk standing desk converter kit

The VARIDESK has a very generous work-surface.  Note the huge keyboard and mouse tray that leaves room for other items you may need at arms length when you’re standing. The height can change from standing to sitting positions, thanks to a dual handle lifting system.  It can easily lock to any preferred height.

John & Cali @ GeekBeat.TV provide a nice review & demonstration of the VARIDESK:



Our budget pick goes to the Stand Steady desktop standing converters.  While the two original models don’t adjust in height on demand like the others, they do let you adjust the height during initial setup so that you can work at your own personal proper comfort level.  The 24 inch x 20 inch desktop on the original is large enough for your monitor, keyboard, mouse, and coffee. Plus, you gain over 3 sq ft of space below it for a printer, files or other items.  The executive model offers a 32 inch x 22 inch desktop and the newly released and very popular UpTrak model allows you to easily change from sitting to standing.  When you are ready to sit down, remove the leg, open the levers and slide the top down the tracks.

The Original The Executive The UpTrak Sit/Stand Desk


crane stand elevate laptop stand

Those of us on the go need to pay special attention to minimize risk and still find healthy ways to use a laptop by using a portable laptop riser (while standing) and sacrificing some neck posture for proper wrist and back positioning.  Crane Hardware makes high quality height-adjustable laptop stands that easily adjust or fold down for travel.  You can check out our detailed review of two models here.

There are several other worthy conversion kits available on the market.  Laptop users bound to a desk should definitely check out VARIDESK’s Laptop 30 and if you travel a lot take a look at our recent review of two ultra-lightweight portable folding standing desks to take with you on the go.  Art enthusiasts should definitely check out the beautiful Levitator series of colorful desk risers.

Julie @ has a extremely detailed review of the Kangaroo Pro by Ergo Desktop.

We all know that sitting all day is a terrible idea.  Especially for those that work on a computer for the bulk of their day.  By converting your desk to standing, you are free to move, bend, and dance — in other words, improved mobility leads to staying in physically good shape while still getting the work done that you need to.

Although there are definitely some great options to change everything in your office to a standing environment, perhaps you work in an office and the boss won’t buy new desks or you simply can’t afford to buy a brand new one yourself.  That’s the beauty of using your current desk and converting it using an adjustable conversion kit.

Don’t forget to use a standing desk mat and proper ergonomics.  You can find more information on the optimal height here.

Good luck on your journey to better health and strive to be the healthiest you whether your working or playing.