LEVITATOR: A Minimalist Desk Riser Inspired By Modern Art

The evolution of the now popular standing desk concept has led to a variety of different models to choose from.  We now have everything from mechanical, spring-loaded height changers to massive, electronic adjustable tables with embedded displays and alarms that pester you to stand up.

For those who crave some style (with fat wallets), there are also several beautiful full-sized designer desks made of a variety of quality materials (usually costing in the thousands).

However, where we may not have seen enough attention is to the aesthetics of the minimal, affordable models.

Enter scientist and inventor Lev Neymotin, Ph.D., who founded NY based company N5Digital, and is looking to solve this problem with colorful, stylish yet affordable standing desk risers.

His made-to-order and made-in-the-USA product is called the LEVITATOR.  The minimalist design adds enough color and streamlined symmetry to liven up any space.  And color is important, as studies have found that dull grey & white offices actually have a measurable depressant effect on employees.  Adding vibrant colors to your workspace may actually increase output and spark creativity.


The inspiration behind this design is the art of Piet Mondrian, a post-impressionist Dutch painter.

Made of a lightweight aluminum frame, the LEVITATOR is available in black or brushed silver and both the surface and storage shelf is made of colored plexiglass.


The design is minimal, absent of mechanical parts and hinges which contributes to both the style and makes for a lightweight accessory that can easily be carried from desk-to-desk or into meeting rooms.

The LEVITATOR comes in three pre-assembled models:

The Rise is the most compact model with a 12″ x 12″ surface that’s perfect for a laptop along with a storage shelf of the same size below it.

The Elevate has a work surface of 12″ x 24″, and an additional 12″ x 12″ storage surface.

The Professional has the largest work surface with 12″ x 32″ on its upper level and an additional 12″ x 24″ storage.

All of the models are available at heights of 8, 12 or 14 inches but according to their website they also take customization requests.

I opted for the rise model for the smaller footprint, which I tested out at both my workstation and in meetings.

The aesthetics of the tools I work with and environment I work in are important to me, and this product delivers in looking great on any platform.


The brushed silver with the bright colors look significantly more appropriate for the modern workplace than a stack of books or the cheap plastic stands I’ve used before.


The obvious missing feature compared to other stands like this is the ability to adjust in height, or fold down for travel. While having a standing desk that adjusts or folds down is great for portability, I preferred the minimal design — absent of mechanical parts and hinges which contribute to both making it a stylish and lightweight accessory to keep at my desk or to quickly pick up and carry to meetings.

One thing to note is that plexiglass is not hard to scratch if you don’t care for it properly.  You’d want to treat this like you would treat a nice pair of sunglasses. Microfiber is your friend.


N5Digital’s vision for the LEVITATOR is to help get people upright while working or studying, in a way that’s practical and fun.  If you’re like me and you spend most of your day staring at a cold grey, beige, or black desk — adding a splash of color and style while maintaining your healthy habit of standing makes this solution one well worth looking into.


The LEVITATOR is currently available through Etsy and at the N5Digital Store with an estimated delivery time of 3-4 weeks.

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