Best Foldable Laptop Table for Travel


We all know and admire laptops as wonderful little machines that combine monitor, computer, and keyboard in an efficient power-saving portable unit ready to go where you go. However, the major downside to using them is that the design of a laptop violates most basic ergonomic requirements. That is, with the keyboard and monitor in such close proximity, it can cause us to hunch and sacrifice neck, back, and wrist posture to use one. Consequently, laptops are simply excluded from all ergonomic recommendations for full-time computer usage.

But for the traveler — laptops are a necessity.  Those of us on the go need to pay special attention to minimize risk and still find healthy ways to use a laptop by using a foldable laptop table (while standing) and sacrificing some neck posture for proper wrist and back positioning.

While both the Varidesk Laptop 30 and Uptrak Sit Stand Desk mentioned on our conversion kits page are two of our favorite adjustable height laptop desks, they’re large, heavy and are not exactly designed with a traveler in mind. We seeked out and found two very different foldable laptop tables for standing that fit the bill combining the features that meet all our needs.

Here’s 3 most important features we looked for:

– Tough yet lightweight for travel
– Adjustable height
– Compact Design
– Ease of use

The iCraze

iCraze Folding Laptop Desk

The iCraze is the lightweight standing laptop table equivalent of a Transformers toy from the 1980s.   There legs bend and can be configured a huge number of different configurations.   To adjust the iCraze you hold the button that is located on each of the joints (There are 6 total), change the position, and release the button to lock it in place.


You’ll notice around each spring loaded button there are degree markings that aid in helping you dial in the same angle on both the left and right joints.   There was a slight learning curve as to how to configure the legs to get it stable, but once you find your favorite configuration, you can simply write down the settings you used.


The ability of the iCraze to transform (once mastered) should work great on the go, at home or at work.  At a mere 5 pounds it’s small & light enough to throw in your carry on.  Materials are solid and can support laptops up to 30 lbs but of course do not expect to lean on it AT ALL.  At full height it felt stable enough for the laptop but I wouldn’t be comfortable resting my wrists on it.


It’s made of aluminum so it’s tough and durable. The dimensions are 16.5 W X 10.75 D, with a 1/2 inch lip so it can be angled. The table section is grooved and has enough of a ledge to keep the laptop from sliding off even when the desk part is on an angle BUT they have provided you with two slip on clips to accommodate thicker laptops.


The vented model has two fans that are powered by the USB port on your laptop and they seem decent enough quality. They are extremely silent and will do a great job dispersing heat from the bottom of the laptop and will keep most laptops cool enough to potentially extend the lifespan of the internal components.


The mouse pad stand is a nice addition.  It’s 5.75″ x 6.25″ and removable and can be slipped into a notch on either side and tightened down with the included hand screw.

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Stand Steady Traveler Folding Stand Up Desk


The top of Stand Steady’s Traveler Foldable Stand Up Desk is 19.7 inches x 11 inches and is made of aluminum.  It comes in a choice of three colors and has rounded corners. There’s a handy flap that extends out to prevent the laptop from sliding if you decide to angle it using the tilting mechanism by pressing buttons on the side.

The Traveler Weighs 2 pounds so it’s probably lightest standing desk riser, yet it feels strong and stable.


It is very easy to collapse down flat, making it a breeze to store and will also easily fit into your carry-on luggage.


The legs allow the height to adjust from 9.25 inches to 12.8 inches.  Height adjustment is made by undoing a latch (similar to the leg latches on camera tripods) and then you pull or push the leg to one of four height settings that click into place.

The only downsides I experienced personally with this mini standing desk is that at it’s maximum height it was too short for me (I’m 6’1″).  Otherwise the compact, simple and light weight design will appeal to those who try to keep their travel bags as light as possible.


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No Clear Winner


Both are very different yet capable at what they’re meant for.  I’d say that if you’re about 5’9″ or taller, I’d suggest going with the iCraze to bring the laptop keyboard up to where your arms and wrists are in-line and are parallel to the floor.  Otherwise, the Stand Steady will offer quicker fold & go capability along with the lighter packing weight that frequent travelers usually desire. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.