FlexiSpot Adjustable Standing Desk Riser


FlexiSpot is a newer player in the standing desk market. I was extremely excited to sample one of their new standing desk risers to take a look at the quality. I was also very interested to see how their products stand up against standing desk giants, Varidesk and Ergotron. For this review I opted for the compact sized Flexispot M1. It’s a height adjustable space saving desk riser that is mere 27″ inches wide, but yet packs plenty of space on the surface area. Before getting into the details, we’ll go over what desk riser models they currently have available.

Available Models

FlexiSpot M1 – 27″
FlexiSpot M2 – 35″
FlexiSpot M3 – 47″
FlexiSpot M4 – Corner 41″

Unpacking & Parts Included



The box came well packed in a cube of foam to protect the edges.
Unpacking Tip: I’d recommend getting a friend to help hold the box while pulling out the white foam from the sides.

The package includes:


The FlexiSpot Standing Desk
Instruction Manual
Optional Keyboard Tray & Brackets (and screws)
Decorative Bolt Covers for each side & cable ties
Plus, a special bolt is included for mounting one of their awesome monitor arms



Assembly begins with simply placing the unit on an appropriate desk. I’m a big fitness guy, and I was able to manage this myself with ease, but i’d recommend the average person should consider having a friend help lift and place the desk to avoid injury.

The keyboard tray comes first. This keyboard tray is unique as it has the feature of being optional. The Flexispot standing desk is absolutely functional without one, and if one wanted to place a keyboard on top or use this standing desk with a laptop, then it can be done without to save on space.

To install the keyboard tray, I had a moment of confusion as the manual indicates step (A) at the bottom left of the page. The first step is to mount the brackets to the keyboard tray.


I found it best to use the corner of the FlexiSpot standing desk surface as a good place to work on adding the brackets to the keyboard tray.


I recommend using an electric screwdriver to attach the four screws to each bracket as seen below. Pay attention as there are some extra middle holes that are unused.  Once the brackets are mounted to the underside of the keyboard tray. You hook them on to the four knobs under the desk and tighten them down.


I didn’t use a monitor arm mount for this desk, so for the intent of this assembly I won’t be demonstrating the installation. The bolt bag does have very easy instructions for this, however.


According to the manual, the end caps are to cover these bolts:


The bolts aren’t unsightly, but I do appreciate the consistent attention to detail that appears to be the theme with FlexiSpot.


The color matched branded caps do perhaps add some nice finish.

The included cable ties are also welcomed. Again, attention to detail and no shortcuts is what makes products go from good to great.



Max. Loading Weight Limit: 35 lbs
Dimensions(w/o keyboard tray): 5.9″ ~ 19.7″(height) x 27″(width) x 23.2″(depth)
Dimensions(w/ keyboard tray): 5.9″ ~ 19.7″(height) x 27″(width) x 31.1″(depth)

Features & Usage

The FlexiSpot adjusts and locks into 12 height settings, smooth and easy thanks to a gas strut. This allows for easier lifting and smooth operation (Both VARIDESK and Ergotron use spring loaded mechanisms instead). Straight up & down movement is ideal for compact spaces. Some other desks protrude outwards toward the user as they go up, which can severely limit standing room in a tight office.


For their QA process they claim to test these with a whopping 6,000 height adjustments.

The deep desktop surface offers plenty of working space, and has an integrated tablet holder.


It can also be effectively used as a place to prop your notes.


Another great feature is that it’s compatible with ergonomic monitor mounts. If you ever need a floating monitor on an arm, it comes pre-drilled for that and covered for when you need the option.

It’s available in three size options and two colors (black or white).


This is a modern, beautiful adjustable standing desk converter. The installation was cake. Yes, there was some minor assembly required to get the keyboard tray built, but this comes with the benefit of having the keyboard tray be optional and removable.


I found this to be one of the highest quality adjustable desk risers I have tested to date. It’s easiest to lift under load, the adjustments are smooth, and at it’s highest adjustment it is rock solid. The recurring theme here is attention to detail. FlexiSpot nailed it and I think the big guys have new competition to worry about.

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