Ergotron Workfit-T Review: A Solid VARIDESK Alternative

I’ve been alternating between sitting and standing at my desk for about a year now, my first standing desk was made of a cardboard box and a shelf.  DIY standing desks are popular, but far from a permanent solution.  You need something easily adjustable if you’re going to be honest with yourself about being consistent at sitting less.

While there are plenty of amazing electronic adjustable height desks available now, they can be expensive and require you to replace existing furniture.  That’s where an adjustable desktop converter comes in to save the day.

So far, the Varidesk has been highly regarded as one of the best in the desktop converter segment, and ever since the Pro Plus series, there has only been one question – Can anything beat it?

Ergotron, a Minnesota-based display mounting and mobility products company has responded, and the response is beautiful.

Say hello to the Ergotron Workfit-T, a very solid desktop converter that looks like it’s from the future.  It glides up and down to various heights quietly and with minimal effort.  Ergotron is globally known to offer high quality & elegant products for both consumer and industrial applications.  The Workfit-T is no exception.  This thing is built like a tank.  Right away, I was impressed with the quality, packing, and the fact that it was fully assembled and ready to go out of the box. It even came with a cable organization kit (mesh hose & zip ties).

Instructions are simple.  You unpack the Workfit-T out and set it on your table (I’d recommend having someone help lift it).   It does not require clamping or mounting onto the surface.  It was unpacked, on my desk and ready to use in under 10 minutes.

The first thing I noticed is the large work surface.  The surface is 35″ wide x 23″ deep and is large enough for dual monitors or a single monitor and laptop.  Ergotron says it can handle 35 lbs of weight, but it feels like it could handle more.  The platform is extremely stable —you can even lean on it without worrying about tipping it over.

Elevation Mechanism

Height adjustments on the Workfit-T are made using two levers under the work surface.

It takes very little hand pressure to silently engage the heavy spring mechanism embedded underneath to come to your aid in lifting up the work surface, substantially reducing the effort.

You’ll get up to 15 inches (38cm) of height — which is plenty for me and I’m 6’1″.  The same process lets you lower it down in mere seconds.

Keyboard Deck

The suspended keyboard deck is also about 4.5″ below the work surface to maintain a healthy ergonomic spacing between screen height and keyboard.  It measures 25″ x 9″ and is just large enough for a standard 18″ keyboard and mouse.  I personally had no trouble fitting a standard sized keyboard along with wrist rests, but note that this may be an issue for someone with a specialty gaming or a large ergonomic keyboard that is wider.

Varidesk vs Ergotron

While the Ergotron model is similar in design to the Varidesk while at it’s lowest (sitting) position, the primary advantage that the WorkFit-T has over the Varidesk is the height-adjustment mechanism.  When raising the Varidesk, it pivots up and away from the desk and towards you as it rises.  You actually have to take a step back as you raise it.  The Workfit-T work surface adjusts straight up and down, allowing for a space-saving and easier, healthier transition to standing setup.



The Varidesk protrudes over a foot from the edge of the desk.  This can be an issue if you have other items on the sides or above your desk you need to be able to reach, or if your office space is tight.

The only benefit I could see in using the Varidesk Pro Plus over the Workfit-T is the much larger keyboard tray.  Large ergonomic or gaming keyboard users will definitely need the extra space.

If I had to pick Varidesk vs Ergotron, I’d go with Ergotron for the up/down motion.

Optional Accessories

The attachment slot in the back allows you choose from a variety of monitor arm attachments, freeing up additional cubic inches of work space from the surface.


Final Verdict

I have no hesitation recommending the Workfit-T.  While both the Workfit-T and the Varidesk offer converting your desk to having height adjustability, the WorkFit-T has the edge in usability and ergonomics, thanks to Ergotron’s linear elevation mechanism and design allowing for optional monitor arm attachments.  If you’re ready to get up off your seat more and aren’t quite ready to replace your desk, you won’t have any regrets going with this thing.

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