Ergohead Standing Desk Mat Review

If you’re already a standing desk user who works five days a week (or more) in an office and haven’t started using a standing desk mat yet, I highly recommend you start. Standing desk mats reduce the negative side effects of standing. This should encourage you to stand longer.  Generally, when there is less pain and difficulty, more willingness to incorporate and adapt into habit. It’s just like good running shoes for runners. If you’re a regular runner, common sense indicates that you need good running shoes to both protect against injury and provide for a more comfortable and enjoyable running experience.

Unlike the common flat mats, the non-flat mats now include more features and various terrains that let you do more. Anything that helps you move and shift while standing has the potential to help make you stand healthier, with better posture, as well as promote productivity while working at your standing desk.

Butterfly Mats is now an established and popular Amazon store that sells quality standing desk mats. Their initial product offering started last year with the wallet-friendly and fun shaped Butterfly Mat, but their catalog and inventory has now expanded to include a few premium mats with complex design patterns and terrains.  I’ve been looking forward to reviewing one of these new mats, the Ergohead Standing Desk Mat.

ergohead standing desk mat

Ergohead Standing Desk Mat Benefits

This mat includes several massage and flexibility mounds for increased blood circulation and mobility. I took off my shoes and tried stepping and squishing my feet into each of the various features and they actually felt great. Obviously better than a flat mat.

That said, with shoes on you can’t feel as much of the detail.  You do still get some of the benefits of stretching your ankles, but the maximum benefit comes from going with socks or barefoot.

The mat is made from 100% Polyurethane Foam. It’s firm enough to feel the mounds and most importantly it’s soft enough to take pressure off your knees and back.

This mat features a unique size and shape. It’s 26″ x 28″ which is nearly square. Ideal for tight workspaces where a wider mat may take up too much room.

Perfect fit at this standing console station in the datacenter.

The bottom edge makes it easy to both slide out to use; and slide back under your desk with your foot when you’re done using it.

Another key feature not typically mentioned is aesthetics. This is a professional looking mat, and would look great in a professional setting. It doesn’t look hokey at all, which is probably important in most office environments.

If you’ve already made an investment in a standing desk and are looking for the right mat to accompany it, then I can tell you from the 2 weeks I’ve been using this mat that it’s well worth the cost. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.