Elevate to Stand with the InMovement Desk

If you’re a fan of this site, you probably are well acquainted with the many benefits of standing desks. If you’re not ready to commit to full-time standing, though, you need an adjustable height desk. There are plenty of all-in-one standing desks that will get you from sitting to standing, but those usually require a large investment and giving up your existing furniture.

Thankfully, the Elevate Desktop DT2 from InMovement offers a stylish and effective way to turn your current desk into a fully adjustable unit, giving you full sit-to-stand functionality for just $399.

InMovement Elevate DT2 Standing Desk Light Wood Review

The Elevate DT2 works by sitting on top of your current desk. It goes as high as 19″ and in its lowest position, it adds just under six inches of height.  We can all agree that the InMovement desk looks significantly more stylish than any of those DIY Ikea hacks you may have seen.

InMovement Elevate DT2 Standing Desk Light Wood Review

This is something you can be happy to showcase in your office.


First of all, InMovement says you’ll need a surface that’s at least 38″ wide by 26″ deep. (However it did just barely fit fine on my desk which is only 24″ deep).  Once you’ve cleared off your desk, the rest is too easy, as the Elevate DT2 comes entirely pre-assembled. Yup–unpack and place and it’s ready to go.  However, be aware that the unit is large and weighs a fairly hefty 58 pounds, you will definitely need some help getting it into place. Once it’s on top of your current workstation, though, your work is done. The installation couldn’t be much easier.




InMovement sets itself apart from the herd with three unique finishes: white, light wood grain, or rich dark grain.   

InMovement Standing Desk Colors

The unique wood finish is uncommon among standing desks.

You’ll want to find one that matches your current workspace (or taste). Aside from the wooden top, the rest of the station is almost entirely various shades of gray to black steel, which should fit the aesthetics of most workspaces. There are also four rubber feet on the bottom which will protect your workstation from any scratches.

InMovement Elevate DT2 Standing Desk Light Wood Lowered

Key Features

  • Let’s start with the HUGE 41 x 26” workspace:  The Elevate DT2 is more than capable of accommodating two monitors with plenty of space left over for notepads, tablets, phones, and other wonderful gadgety or non-techy desktop items.  Or you could be minimal and appreciate the large clean and zen desktop.
  • Spring-assisted lift: Makes switching from sitting to standing incredibly easy. Adjusting it was slightly different than products from Ergotron and Varidesk in that you must first press down on the desktop before activating the handles.  Once you activate the lift mechanism, you may then release them when you reach your desired height. The lift mechanism can handle up to 35 lbs, which is enough for most but those with dual or triple monster-sized monitors may want to check their combined monitor weight specs (some 27-inchers can exceed 20lbs each!)

  • Height Options: 10 spring adjusted heights over a 14” lift: The 10 levels of height will fit 96% of the population, so you should have no trouble finding the proper height. Combined with the height of the unit, the 14” lift allows you to get a maximum of ~19 inches of added height.
  • Retractable keyboard tray:  The very spacious keyboard tray is ergonomically designed to sit at the proper height. It conveniently slides under the desk so you can easily get up close if you want to do some writing.

InMovement Elevate DT2 Standing Desk Specs

Final Thoughts

InMovement’s Elevate Standing Desk is a stylish and affordable option to achieve sit-to-stand functionality. It can raise your screen up by 19 inches, which should work for the vast majority of the population. With that being said, height is something to consider, because most is not all. If you’re especially tall (over 6’1″), you may need to instead go with something like this.

The pre-assembled fabrication makes setup a breeze and the desk is stylish enough for most setups. A black finish is definitely missing from their current offering, but I think the wood is definitely going to appeal to a very large consumer base that have wood accented offices.

Most importantly, adjusting Elevate’s height is simple and easy. The adjustable functionality also makes it an excellent option for people who share desks. All workstation users can be accommodated, which isn’t possible with a fixed solution.

InMovement Elevate DT2 Standing Desk Light Wood Review

All-in-all, the InMovement Elevate DT2 Standing Desk is a great fuss-free option to instantly add sit-to-stand functionality to your existing workspace.


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