Budget Friendly Electric Rising Desk by Rosewill

This Rosewill standing desk is one of the best values around. It features:

  • Large Working Surface
  • Fits up to Two 24″ Monitors
  • Height Adjustable: 7.1″ – 16.2″
  • 3200RPM 24V Single DC Motor
Electrically Powered
No need for pushing or pulling, the electric motor allows for speedy adjusting of the desk height in a flash. Adjustable height from 7.1″ – 16.2″.

Large Working Area
Designed with a wide keyboard tray and large 35″ wide platform. Its large surface
easily fits a 24″ monitor and a 15″ laptop, or two 22″ monitors if needed.


Health-conscious Design
The dual tier design and ergonomic keyboard tray keeps an optimal height between the keyboard and monitor(s) to prevent neck strain without constantly changing between sitting and standing.


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Click here for our review

Butterfly Mat on Amazon


Ergohead Standing Desk Mat Review

If you’re already a standing desk user who works five days a week (or more) in an office and haven’t started using a standing desk mat yet, I highly recommend you start. Standing desk mats reduce the negative side effects of standing. This should encourage you to stand longer.  Generally, when there is less pain and difficulty, more willingness to incorporate and adapt into habit. It’s just like good running shoes for runners. If you’re a regular runner, common sense indicates that you need good running shoes to both protect against injury and provide for a more comfortable and enjoyable running experience.

Unlike the common flat mats, the non-flat mats now include more features and various terrains that let you do more. Anything that helps you move and shift while standing has the potential to help make you stand healthier, with better posture, as well as promote productivity while working at your standing desk.

Butterfly Mats is now an established and popular Amazon store that sells quality standing desk mats. Their initial product offering started last year with the wallet-friendly and fun shaped Butterfly Mat, but their catalog and inventory has now expanded to include a few premium mats with complex design patterns and terrains.  I’ve been looking forward to reviewing one of these new mats, the Ergohead Standing Desk Mat.

ergohead standing desk mat

Ergohead Standing Desk Mat Benefits

This mat includes several massage and flexibility mounds for increased blood circulation and mobility. I took off my shoes and tried stepping and squishing my feet into each of the various features and they actually felt great. Obviously better than a flat mat.

That said, with shoes on you can’t feel as much of the detail.  You do still get some of the benefits of stretching your ankles, but the maximum benefit comes from going with socks or barefoot.

The mat is made from 100% Polyurethane Foam. It’s firm enough to feel the mounds and most importantly it’s soft enough to take pressure off your knees and back.

This mat features a unique size and shape. It’s 26″ x 28″ which is nearly square. Ideal for tight workspaces where a wider mat may take up too much room.

The bottom edge makes it easy to both slide out to use; and slide back under your desk with your foot when you’re done using it.

Another key feature not typically mentioned is aesthetics. This is a professional looking mat, and would look great in a professional setting. It doesn’t look hokey at all, which is probably important in most office environments.

If you’ve already made an investment in a standing desk and are looking for the right mat to accompany it, then I can tell you from the 2 weeks I’ve been using this mat that it’s well worth the cost.

Yes there are $20 Standing Desks!

By now, you must have heard about how sitting is not only bad for your back, but also your entire body.

While most of us are aware of the potential health risks and injuries that can be caused by traditional desks, some choose to simply ignore the new studies and information. Others, however, have been making the switch to cheap standing desks, and their stories of the increase in energy and brain function are abundant online.

If you are like the many other people that have considered a standing desk, but are not ready to pay top price for a three-hundred- dollar rig, there are some cheap (and maybe even free) options to try out before fully making the switch.

While, really, the possibilities are endless, here are three cheap and common ways to construct a temporary standing desk for your workspace.


You can use a shipping box as a cheap (and face it: ugly) starter desk to try out the concept.

A better option is to find any properly sized furniture (IKEA lack table) and throw it up on top of your desk.

If you’re the weekend DIY type then gather some simple tools and materials and build your own wooden stand for your monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Remember, for proper ergonomics, ideally you’ll want to measure from your feet to your elbows would rest naturally on a stand.  Check out our ergonomics guide here.

What we recommend

If you are in the market to simply purchase a cheaper model as a test run, then you have two popular choices to choose from.


The cheapest recommended option is the $20 SPARK, which is more compact and has an almost ‘origami’ feel to the design, perfect for anyone looking for a cheap yet sturdy first standing desk.


For a sleeker design with a wider range of heights catered to, the $40 ORISTAND is extremely light and portable, making it easier than ever to convert any ordinary desk into a standing desk. The ORISTAND standing desk converter requires no screws, no assembly, and no additional instructions.

While made of industrial strength cardboard, and a wonderful trial for standing desks in general, the SPARK and ORISTAND are still not made of the most stable materials available. They are still completely viable options.  The benefits such as more energy, better circulation, weight loss and greatly improved posture, speak for themselves.

I do think once you feel and see some of the benefits of standing you’ll want to keep standing.   It’s best then to consider investing in a better workspace.  Standing desks last a long time and considering that, the cost per use will be very low and worthwhile.  Check out our recommendations for the best standing desk converters for any budget.

Halter Sit & Stand Desktop $148! (Exp 2/25)


Over at Amazon we spotted the Halter Height Adjustable Sit & Stand Desktop for a low $148.47 (Free Shipping + Tax) by using the code: 4EMPKRKJ

$107 SAVINGS  — This may be one of the lowest prices we’ve seen on a height adjustable desktop!

  • Pre-assembled and ready to use
  • Measures 36.5″ across and fits most desks
  • Easy to use squeeze handles allows adjustment in height up to 17″
  • Perfect for those who are at a desk for long periods of time
  • Great gift idea for students

Expires soon — Hurry!!  Link: http://amzn.to/2lQsW0u

The Ergocomfy Standing Desk Mat Review


The cute & popular Butterfly Standing Desk Mat we reviewed in October is a definite favorite and conversation piece in our office due to the fun shape and very decent quality you get from rather inexpensive standing desk mat.  For 2017, the same maker has stepped it up a notch and designed a performance mat to better compete with the higher end mats out there.

Their new high end performance standing desk mat is called the Ergocomfy Mat.

It’s packed with features and we’ll cover them here.



This is the most popular reason mats are purchased.  Antifatigue mats and comfort mats have been proven to decrease knee, back, and neck soreness and increase productivity.  Anti-fatigue  mats are essential and often used where workers stand to help ease foot, leg, and lower back pain and fatigue.

Calculated Terrain

They advertise that you can use 10 different standing positions on this mat.  This may sound confusing, but it’s actually a very important part of ergonomics.  Standing in one place has been shown to be almost as bad as sitting.  To optimize the use of a standing desk, it’s important to shift and change position often.  This releases tension and improves blood circulation.  A mat that has terrain encourages you to change your stance, especially when your shoes are off.

Massage anyone?

The Ergocomfy has massage bumps integrated into a protruding “exercise” section.  This enables you to dig those bumps into various parts of your feet to stimulate pressure points.  In these areas on your feet, there are thousands of nerves.  In fact, there are over 15,000 nerves in your feet alone!  That’s why reflexology, a method of massage also known as zone therapy, has been practiced for thousands of years.

While so far there is no scientific evidence that reflexology is effective for any medical condition, millions of people swear by the stress relieving effects they feel from having their hands and feet properly stimulated through pressure points.

How’s it compare?

We set up the mat side by side against one of the most popular terrain standing desk mats, the Topo (that we reviewed last year).


Size Matters

We will start with the most obvious difference — Dimensions.  Ergocomfy has a whopping 24″x36″ size which provides you with a larger space for standing.  In comparison, the Topo is 26″x 29″. The larger width encourages you to occasionally or often take a wider stance.  As a 6’1″ standing desk user, this is very important to me as my long legs prefer a wider stance than the Topo has room for.


The Topo seems slightly more dense to me.  Although I don’t see any immediate benefit from increased density for my usage, considering the Ergocomfy is dense enough to do the job.  Both mats appear to be made of quality material that won’t fall apart anytime soon.



As for terrain features, the Topo has a center bump, but I haven’t found much use for it.  They both have the raised corners for sliding and positioning the mat by using your feet and can also serve to angle your feet for stretching your calves — equal points there.  However, after trying the massage bumps with socks, I’m leaning towards the Ergocomfy on terrain features.  The bumps feel great and I find myself often squishing my feet into them.



The Ergocomfy terrain and wide surface area makes it my new favorite mat in this price range and will be replacing the Topo I have been using for the last year.


FlexiSpot Adjustable Standing Desk Riser


FlexiSpot is a newer player in the standing desk market. I was extremely excited to sample one of their new standing desk risers to take a look at the quality. I was also very interested to see how their products stand up against standing desk giants, Varidesk and Ergotron. For this review I opted for the compact sized Flexispot M1. It’s a height adjustable space saving desk riser that is mere 27″ inches wide, but yet packs plenty of space on the surface area. Before getting into the details, we’ll go over what desk riser models they currently have available.

Available Models

FlexiSpot M1 – 27″
FlexiSpot M2 – 35″
FlexiSpot M3 – 47″
FlexiSpot M4 – Corner 41″

Unpacking & Parts Included



The box came well packed in a cube of foam to protect the edges.
Unpacking Tip: I’d recommend getting a friend to help hold the box while pulling out the white foam from the sides.

The package includes:


The FlexiSpot Standing Desk
Instruction Manual
Optional Keyboard Tray & Brackets (and screws)
Decorative Bolt Covers for each side & cable ties
Plus, a special bolt is included for mounting one of their awesome monitor arms



Assembly begins with simply placing the unit on an appropriate desk. I’m a big fitness guy, and I was able to manage this myself with ease, but i’d recommend the average person should consider having a friend help lift and place the desk to avoid injury.

The keyboard tray comes first. This keyboard tray is unique as it has the feature of being optional. The Flexispot standing desk is absolutely functional without one, and if one wanted to place a keyboard on top or use this standing desk with a laptop, then it can be done without to save on space.

To install the keyboard tray, I had a moment of confusion as the manual indicates step (A) at the bottom left of the page. The first step is to mount the brackets to the keyboard tray.


I found it best to use the corner of the FlexiSpot standing desk surface as a good place to work on adding the brackets to the keyboard tray.


I recommend using an electric screwdriver to attach the four screws to each bracket as seen below. Pay attention as there are some extra middle holes that are unused.  Once the brackets are mounted to the underside of the keyboard tray. You hook them on to the four knobs under the desk and tighten them down.


I didn’t use a monitor arm mount for this desk, so for the intent of this assembly I won’t be demonstrating the installation. The bolt bag does have very easy instructions for this, however.


According to the manual, the end caps are to cover these bolts:


The bolts aren’t unsightly, but I do appreciate the consistent attention to detail that appears to be the theme with FlexiSpot.


The color matched branded caps do perhaps add some nice finish.

The included cable ties are also welcomed. Again, attention to detail and no shortcuts is what makes products go from good to great.



Max. Loading Weight Limit: 35 lbs
Dimensions(w/o keyboard tray): 5.9″ ~ 19.7″(height) x 27″(width) x 23.2″(depth)
Dimensions(w/ keyboard tray): 5.9″ ~ 19.7″(height) x 27″(width) x 31.1″(depth)

Features & Usage

The FlexiSpot adjusts and locks into 12 height settings, smooth and easy thanks to a gas strut. This allows for easier lifting and smooth operation (Both VARIDESK and Ergotron use spring loaded mechanisms instead). Straight up & down movement is ideal for compact spaces. Some other desks protrude outwards toward the user as they go up, which can severely limit standing room in a tight office.


For their QA process they claim to test these with a whopping 6,000 height adjustments.

The deep desktop surface offers plenty of working space, and has an integrated tablet holder.


It can also be effectively used as a place to prop your notes.


Another great feature is that it’s compatible with ergonomic monitor mounts. If you ever need a floating monitor on an arm, it comes pre-drilled for that and covered for when you need the option.

It’s available in three size options and two colors (black or white).


This is a modern, beautiful adjustable standing desk converter. The installation was cake. Yes, there was some minor assembly required to get the keyboard tray built, but this comes with the benefit of having the keyboard tray be optional and removable.


I found this to be one of the highest quality adjustable desk risers I have tested to date. It’s easiest to lift under load, the adjustments are smooth, and at it’s highest adjustment it is rock solid. The recurring theme here is attention to detail. FlexiSpot nailed it and I think the big guys have new competition to worry about.

The Butterfly Standing Desk Mat Review

I’ve been writing about standing desks for a few years now and there’s one issue that easily ranks as the #1 concern i’m asked about. That would be the fear of pain and fatigue associated with standing for any long period of time.  Not many people typically enjoy standing around much.  It’s not very comfortable, and often results in fatigue and back or leg pain.

Why would one willingly expose themselves to standing more when a chair is available?

Because chairs are the equivalent of prison cells for your body. You can’t move. Health and vitality relies on movement. You need to free your body from it’s imprisonment and move around *most of the time* to improve or maintain your health.

Now back to comfort and reducing pain.

How do we stand and move more and reduce the discomfort at the same time? Well, standing more often strengthens your body and joints which results in less fatigue over time. But there’s a shortcut — that’s a standing desk anti-fatigue mat.

We’ve talked about standing desk mats before — and they’ve come a long way since the boring rectangular ones made for standing at your kitchen sink.


I’ve had the opportunity to review a brand new one called the Butterfly Mat. It’s built with function in mind, but is the first of kind (that we’ve seen so far) that also focuses on the aesthetics. Your workspace is where you spend a lot of time and should inspire you, it should be an aesthetically pleasing space.

Below are some of the advertised features:

➤ The calculated terrain encourages healthy movement while supporting the user with incredibly comfortable environmentally-friendly supportive foam

➤ Contoured beveled edge design and no-curl edges prevent tripping hazard

➤ The massage points activate blood flow and engage more muscles than simple standing mats are able to

➤ Butterfly center “teardrop” further drives movement and the ankle range of motion

➤ Easy hands-free edge position lets you slide the mat on various floor surfaces

➤ Thickness ranges from from 7/8″ (min) to 1 2/5″ (max) to enable the user to adjust their standing posture so as not to become fatigued by standing in one position

➤ A front contoured beveled edge design provides a foot prop for split stances and is specially designed according to the ergonomics for standing comfortably

Butterfly Standing Desk Mat
We spent a few weeks on this mat and can confirm that the foam is, in fact, extremely comfortable. Not too firm and not too squishy. Feels best without shoes. We each spent several hours at a time standing on the mat and had no aches and pains in the joints or heels.


Looks wise, the butterfly shape is clever. It provides an ideal amount of space for movement, which in turn seems to somehow inspire movement. The smaller bumps didn’t do much for me but I definitely found myself balancing on one foot on the center bump occasionally — or going for a stable wide stance, depending on my mood.

The beveled edge is almost a requirement now. I wouldn’t recommend getting any mat that doesn’t have this feature. Very important and the butterfly mat has it on all sides.

Besides that, it’s lightweight so it’s easy move and put away. Overall it’s a very fun, economical, and capable mat that will definitely do the job while looking good at any standing desk.


Inexpensive Standing Desks on Amazon

Lorell Standing Desk

Lorell appears to have a sub-$200 adjustable standing desk on Amazon.  We have no experience with this make and model but there appear to be favorable reviews.  While we prefer trusted brands for the proven quality they provide, it’s difficult to ignore this price.  Combined with a standing desk mat, it might just fit the needs of the casual standing desk user or someone who wants to give standing at your desk a try without breaking the budget.

Features listed on Amazon are:

  • Adjustable desk riser offers a healthy addition to any desk that allows you to sit or stand while you work. The large, 31″ x 20″ work surface accommodates two monitors or a monitor and a laptop.
  • Ergonomic keyboard tray moves up and down with the desk and moves out/in for the most comfortable position. Five height adjustments (up to over 16″ above your desk) allow a comfortable standing position.
  • Gas spring will allow you to easily move the desk up and down, even with your computer equipment. Riser is fully assembled for use right out of the box.

Please comment here if you have one or have tried one out and let us know what you think.


Loctek D7D Dual Arm Monitor Mount Reviewed

Today, I’m going to review the Loctek D7D Dual LCD Arm Monitor Mount: a feature packed and aesthetically pleasing standing desk accessory that allows you to mount and adjust two monitors up to 27”.


But, before we get into the nitty-gritty details, let’s quickly discuss why you might even want an monitor mount when you could simply just put the monitors on your desk.

Are arm monitor mounts even necessary?

Ergonomics research (and OSHA!) suggests that monitors should be placed at, or just below, eye level. For many people, their monitors are placed too low, which can lead to chronic neck pain. Millions of people spend hours with their neck cranked and tilted forward bearing the weight of their entire skull on a very sensitive area at the back of your neck.

Without an easy way to adjust their monitors, most people fail to achieve this optimal position. Eye level can also change if they shift positions or move from sitting to standing, or if more than one person uses the same desk.

So, if you want your monitor to always be at an optimal level, you should have an easy way to move it around and adjust it. Monitor arms allow you to do that. They’re certainly not the only way to accomplish ergonomic positioning, but they are one of the easiest and most flexible ways to keep things ergonomic.

Bonus: Monitor arms also free up space on your desk by eliminating monitor stands.  Clean and clear desk space can help boost creativity and productivity.

Now that you know why you should want one for your standing desk, let’s get into the specifics of the Loctek D7D.


There are 3 primary steps to installing the D7D: Attach the base, attach the monitors, and cleanup the cables.  The entire process can be done in under an hour.

Each arm comes tightly constrained by a Velcro loop. There is warning label on the bag and it is important to be careful when you open the bag and maintain a bit of compression as you cut the straps. The arms are under tension and will spring apart a few inches. Just keep it away from your face and you’ll be fine.

1. Attach the base

There are two ways to mount this to your desk: clamp and grommet. Both the clamp and grommet provide a strong grip for the base, which is important considering the weight load on the arms.


The metal plate that attaches to the base has several holes allowing for a variety of desk thickness (between .98 and 4.72 inches). Also, to prevent scratching or otherwise damaging your desk, they have included custom cut adhesive padding that is to be pasted under the base.


2. Attach the monitors

The D7D uses the standard 75mm and 100mm (75x75mm and 100x100mm) VESA mounting holes that can be found on many monitors to attach the monitor to the mount. This part is straightforward.


Once attached, use the provided allen wrench to tighten or loosen the arm movement as needed for the weight of your monitor.


3. Cable Management

The Loctek D7D dual arms desk monitor mount also comes with a great cable management system via its upper and lower parts of the arms. Plastic casings allow you to run and hide cables and can be removed by pressing down both sides to reveal the channel under it.


The D7D has two arms, which, obviously, means you can attach two monitors. They rotate 180 degrees horizontally and have a 105-degree tilt angle, which means you can move them around a lot. You can also lock them in place if you don’t want them to move.


Each arm supports monitors that contain VESA mounting brackets and are:

  • 10 inches to 27 inches
  • 4.4 to 19.8 pounds

(Apple Thunderbolt displays are not supported)

It’s built with anti-scratch aircraft-grade aluminum, which is both practical and beautiful.  The arms remind me of robotic arms, easily looks like something Tony Stark would use on his desk.

The D7D also has gas springs to keep it upright and easily movable and cable management trays to make sure everything is organized.


The Loctek D7D is beautiful aesthetically and allows you to easily move your monitors around in a wide range of motion. You can really see the quality engineering when you move side to side, up and down, and tilt the monitors.


It’s also nice to be able to quickly change heights if you move from sitting to standing, or re-arrange things on the fly, instead of needing to physically move around your monitors. You’ll also find that you have more desk space, as the monitor stands are no longer hogging your valuable desk real estate.

The base of the mount also includes pass-through USB and headphone jacks, which is a nice bonus.  Saves you the trouble of going behind the computer if you want to plug in headphones or a flash drive.

Final Thoughts

If you want to upgrade the functionality and ergonomics of your standing workstation, the Loctek D7D is an excellent choice.  It’s definitely not cheap.  But, for a premium price, you’re definitely getting a premium product.  If you can afford it, definitely consider adding the D7D to your office.  It may just be the best standing desk accessory you never knew you needed.