Treadmills for Desks & Desks for Treadmills

Treadmill desks are a hit and with good reason.  Sitting has been shown to correlate to increased risk of heart & kidney disease and have an effect on glucose metabolism that leads to the deposit of fats in adipose tissue.

While standing at your desk is a great start, if you’re like me and you’re serious about being fit, living longer, and really want to thrive, you need to stay in motion for the majority of your day.

Recent academic research put treadmill desks to the test and now support them as a great way to increase physical activity at work.  They compared cognitive performance of those using treadmill desks to healthy adults sitting at a desk carrying out the same tasks.  According to the research, thinking abilities show a slight drop when on one, but definitely not below average performance.  The overall drop wasn’t nearly enough to warrant any concern and the health benefits of a walking desk outweighs the slight drop in productivity that comes with such a setup.

Even the neuroscience professor at the research institution is getting one after studying them.

Types of Treadmill Desks

There are three main types.  Desks for treadmills, the under desk treadmill, and standing desk treadmill combination units.

Desks for treadmills are often modular adjustable desks design to fit on top or around of most treadmills.

Treadmills for desks are also known as standing desk treadmills, and are simply exercise appliances that are specifically designed for extended low-speed walking using height-adjustable desks.

TrekDesk Treadmill Desk

treadmill desk
TrekDesk’s model features a foldable, height-adjustable 72″ x 34″ workspace that installs in 30 minutes on most treadmills.

It comes with a manuscript holder that keeps books and magazines upright for reading or reference, three level file folder, top stand that holds your telephone, headset, or cell phone, and two cup/utility holders.  Why you would need two cups is beyond me, but I guess it’s nice to have the option to choose a side.

Having the curved design allows easy access to the treadmill controls and accessories, while also positioning your body close enough to type on a laptop or use a mouse.

Despite the TrekDesk’s foldable design, it’s extremely sturdy.

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