Our Comprehensive Top Ten Standing Desk Lists:

THE BEST: Adjustable Height Desks The Adjustable height desk is a great option for people who want the benefits of the standing desk, but the flexibility to choose their height on a given day.  We scoured both Amazon and Overstock to find the best options.  Using our opinion and considering reviews from each site.  See our Top Ten Adjustable Height Desks

Top Ten Adjustable Height Standing Desks

THE BEST: Standing Desk Conversion Kit. This option is perfect for the  person who doesn’t want to purchase a new desk. They want to (or have to if you’re an employee) use the same desk and just place a mechanism on their desk to raise the computer to eye level and provide the opportunity to stand up at your current desk. Stand Up Desk Conversion Kits

 Stand Up Desk Conversion Kit Featured

THE BEST: Mobile Standing Desks. This is a great choice if you’re looking for something to use around the office or house. This option can moved to a specific place temporarily and moved back. Typically used with a laptop or tablet. See our choices for Mobile Standing Desks
Top Ten Featured Mobile Standing Desk
THE BEST: Treadmill Desks. Treadmill desks are typically more expensive and only for the one truly dedicated to a fitness regime and work. This is a great option if you need to walk a targeted amount each day and might be a bonding experience for an entire office. Our choices for a Treadmill Desks
Top Ten Featured Treadmill Desk