Adjustable Height Desks 2020

Adjustable height desks easily adjust up or down to meet your standing or sitting needs. Compared to traditional desks, adjustable standing desks offer a variety of benefits including improved fitness which leads to health and productivity.

A series of studies, looking at close to 500,000 people in over 10 countries, has determined that inactivity is worse for you than several other negative health factors, including obesity.  Simply put, sitting all day is one of the worst things you can do to your health and well-being.  Let’s look at how we can change that.

The adjustable height standing desks featured below completely replace an existing desk, and therefore are a more expensive solution compared to conversion kits that can convert your existing desk to a standing desk at a more nominal cost.  If a whole desk replacement is what you’re after, it’s important to take measurements to ensure your new desk fits the space properly.  Again, if you’re comfortable with your existing desk set-up:  Take a look at our featured conversion kits here, that can get you up and standing without having to replace furniture.

Varidesk Pro Desk 54

Varidesk Pro Desk 54 Review

New for 2015, VARIDESK has introduced a solid contender in the full size desk replacement category.   And by full size, we’re not kidding!  The desk offers plenty of table top real estate with a 54″ x 32″ worktop.  It has a weight capacity of 55 lbs and utilizes the same dual levers that height-adjust the desktop models.


MultiTable (Crank Operated)

multitable adjustable height desk for standing

The MultiTable Adjustable Height Standing Table is consistently one of the best standing desks on Amazon right now.  We like it for the clean, simple design and lack of a potentially troublesome motor.

This desk continues to outsell the competition in the crank operated category. The price range is a bit higher than some of the desks below, but this desk is a sure fire success.

office adjustable height desk

It has a ergonomic adjustable height range of 27.5″ to 47″ allowing one to go from a sitting to standing height to promote a healthy posture, back, and improve overall fitness.

The MultiTable is adjusted by rotating the smooth hand crank to raise and lower the desk.

RISE UP (Electric)

rise up electric adjustable height desk

This RISE UP model is one of the best values in electric standing desks.  The solid steel frame is super sturdy and durable, and has dual motors.   Adjustments in height are quick and quiet.

The up/down buttons control the height but you can also store 4 of your favorite height settings.

Key features listed from the manufacturer:

– 3-stage lifting columns for more height range and a heavier lifting capacity
– DUAL MOTORS for a fast, smooth, even adjustment
– REMOVABLE CROSSBAR offers support and is a convenient footrest
– ADJUSTABLE WIDTH FRAME fits many spaces and a range of desktop sizes
– ANTI-COLLISION to help prevent accidentally lowering the desk too far

Other adjustable height tables:


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