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Office Cube monkey turned health and wellness blogger with the idea to feature the best standing desks in my opinion and the opinion of others. (using an aggregate review of each and direct links)

How to use the site:
We provide informative articles and write ups about the benefits of using a standing desk.

You can find the following from this blog:

  • Useful tips on making your own standing desk
  • How to convert you current desk
  • Links to purchase standing desks
  • Standing desk ergonomics
  • Comparison shopping information

How I provide the products listed here:
We use technology to successfully find the best deals on the Internet from online desk stores. We aggregate specific styles, features, and products. You will find them listed to the right under the menu Standing Desks. We also have an automatic search designated to each product line.  This continuously updates with the current available online inventory of that specific style.

Why I do it
BestStandingDesks.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. 
A small percentage of your purchase is kicked back to us.  It’s no secret that we set up specific links that when you, as a visitor, click through and MAKE a purchase; we receive a small percentage of that sale. We are not paid to feature one website or product over another. We just find the best deals with the best coupons/codes and help you buy a standing desk. We were in the exact same position, looking for the best standing desk, and there is a lack of information on products and ways to do it, so we created this website to help you make in informed purchase.

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